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By Unknown
By Jeff Easley.
It's on the cover of Dark Queen, Vol.VI of the DragonLance Villains series, by Michael and Teri Williams.
By Keith Parkinson
Keith Parkinson has graduated from Kendall School of Design in 1980. For five years Keith worked as a TSR staff artist he contributed to a wide variety of projects. Keith Now lives in Pennsylvania with his wonderful wife Mary (Whom I've spoken to) and their two sons, Nick and Zach. For more information on this artist or if your interested in buying some of his artwork go to his webpage at:
"The Conflict"
By Denis Beauvais
It's on the cover of The Art of Dragon Magazine. Unknown witch issue if you know please E-Mail Me.
"Dragons of Desolation"
By Clyde Caldwell
We also have this picture in color Click Here to see it.
The Flying Citadel
By Keith Parkinson
18" x 18", oils on illustration board, 1984
Quote from Keith Parkinson (Taken off his website) "This was really the first piece that I did for the first Dragonlance calendar and was more or less a litmus test to see whether I deserved to be in the calendar or not. Being the youngest member of the TSR art staff at the time, my talents were as of yet unproven. Three pieces of my art appeared in this calendar marking the beginning of my art's appearance on high profile projects"
FYI- That was the 1987 Dragonlance Calender
By Michael Whelan
It's also on the cover of the book: Dragonsdawn. By Anne McCaffrey.
By Michael Whelan
By Michael Whelan
It's also on the cover of the book: All the Weyrs of Pern. By Anne McCaffrey.
By Jeff Easley