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Application Instructions:

(Note: We recommend a surface temperature of 55 degrees or more for decal applications)

1.Clean surface well. Remove all wax, dirt, rain-x, etc.

2.Position decal where you would like it to be applied (May require some measuring)

3.Tape one end of the decal to the surface with masking tape.

4.Now, reach under the decal and start peeling the under layer off, starting from the taped end. As you peel the under layer off, allow your second hand or squeegee to follow the crease in the under layer (you should be applying pressure to the decal where the under layer is freshly peeled off). Be sure to watch out so that the decal doesn't come off with the under layer. If it does, work backwards and try peeling it at a sharper angle.
5.Use a squeegee back and forth across the decal (while the carrier tape is still covering it). This will help insure the decal will stay on its surface while you peel up the carrier tape.

6.Slowly peel up the carrier tape. Make sure none of the decal peels up with it. If it does, work backwards and try peeling the tape off at a sharper angle.

If your decal has a separate color layer, such as a shadow, peel the backing off first so that you can line the decal up through the clear tape. It can also help to use a splash of water on the surface to allow repositioning - wait until the water has completely dried before removing.

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