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3rd Brake Decal Application Instructions:

(Note: We recommend a surface temperature of 55 degrees or more for decal applications)

1.Clean your 3rd brake light lens thoroughly, to ensure good adhesion.

2.Lay your vinyl overlay face down on a smooth, flat surface. Begin to peel the paper backing off slowly, so the sticky side of the vinyl/application paper is exposed. For best results, peel the backing off at a sharp angle. Be sure that the inner pieces of the letters don't peel off along with the backing.
3.Apply your vinyl overlay to the brake light lens. Try to keep it centered as much as you possibly can. It helps to have someone press down on the brakes while you are applying the overlay for better placement.
4.Remove the top layer of application tape slowly, so only the vinyl is left.
5.If you purchased a universal overlay, trim off the excess vinyl with a razor.

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