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XBOX Skin Application Instructions:

(Note: We recommend a surface temperature of 55 degrees or more for decal applications)

Clean your box, make sure it is completely free of any particles. Now wet the top surface with a soapy water solution. (Take a clean rag or paper towel, get it wet and put a small drop of dish soap on it.)

Carefully peel the top skin from the paper backing.

You may want an extra pair of hands to help with this.

Lay the skin on the XBOX. If it is not centered properly, lift it up and re-apply. The soapy water solution will keep it from sticking to the surface until it dries.

Once it is lined up properly, use your hand or a soft rubber squeegee to pull out the wrinkles and bubbles.

If your skin has any tape on the surface (If it has any lettering or designs it probably will) Drench the tape with your wet rag/paper towel.

Let it sit for a few minutes to break down the adhesives in the tape. Then carefully remove it.

Now that it is removed you may need to push out any wrinkles/bubbles with your hand.

Make sure the front of your XBOX is dry for the smaller peices. Carefully pull another sticker from the paper backing.

I set my xbox on its back. Line the sticker up carefully...

Then gently lay it to the surface. If it is not lined up, re-apply.

Once you have it centered squeegee it down with your hand or a soft rubber squeegee.

Repeat with the other front peices. Now you are done!

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