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Brake Caliper Decal Application Instructions:

Clean your brake caliper thoroughly. First clean with soapy water and wipe dry. Once it is completely dry you can then clean with isopropyl alcohol, dry again. This first step is the most important. If your caliper is not clean, the decal will not stick properly.

Determine which size caliper decal you will be placing on your caliper and where you will be sticking it. Place the decal face down and slowly peel the paper backing off at a sharp angle.

Position the decal over your brake caliper or brake drum and gently stick it to the surface.

Once you have the decal where you want it, you should press down FIRMLY several times over the whole decal to make sure it conforms with the texture of your caliper.

SLOWLY peel the clear tape off at a very sharp angle, watching to make sure the lettering doesn't lift off the caliper with the tape.

All done!

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