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back ,amidst,in,reverse,inside,palm,sole,rear,lining,wrong side
back ,behind,later
back ,empress,queen,after,behind,later
back ,slow,late,later
back ,stature,height,behind,disobey,defy,go back on,rebel
backbone ,spine
backing assistance ,shade,shadow
bacteria ,germ,fungus
bad habit ,cash,humble prefix,gift,Shinto offerings of cloth,rope,cut paper
bad looking ,ugly,unclean,shame
bad luck ,unlucky,misfortune,disaster
bad luck ,villain,evil,disaster
bad ,negative,non-,ugly,clumsy
bad ,vice,rascal,false,evil,wrong
badge ,chapter,composition,poem,design
bag ,bale,sack,counter for bags
bag ,game-hunting,shooting,game
bag ,pouch,purse
bag ,sack,pouch
bag ,wrapping
baggage ,shoulder-pole load,bear (a burden),shoulder (a gun),load,cargo,freight
bagpipe ,flute,clarinet,pipe,whistle,piccolo
bait ,food,prey,tempting profit
bake ,burning
balance ,distinction,difference,variation,discrepancy,margin
balance ,remainder,leftover
balances ,scales,steelyard
bald , level,lofty,dangerous
(become) bald ,bare,wear out,waste away,little girl employed at a brothel
bale ,bag,sack,counter for bags
bale ,pack,tie up
ball ,burr
ball ,jewel
ball ,sphere
ball ,sphere
ballot ,label,ticket,sign
balmy ,perfume,flavorable,fragrant
bamboo basket
bamboo grass
bamboo hat ,one's influence
bamboo rice basket
bamboo shoot
ban ,prohibition,forbid
banish ,pay,clear out,prune,dispose of
banish ,set free,release,fire,shoot,emit,liberate
bank ,dike,embankment
bank ,water's edge,shore
banner ,flag,streamer
banner ,national flag,standard
banquet ,feast,party
banter ,play (music),accompany,beat time,jeer,applaud
barb ,hook,gaff,brackets
barbarian ,foreign
barbarian ,savage,Ainu
bare ,(become) bald,wear out,waste away,little girl employed at a brothel
barely ,steadily,gradually advancing,finally
bargain ,reason,charge,suspicion,point,account,purity,honest,low price,cheap,rested,contented,peaceful
bark of a tree
bark ,chirp,cry,sound,ring,echo,honk
bark ,howl,cry
bark ,roar,get angry
barley ,wheat
barn ,stable
baron ,peerage,court rank
barracks ,police station,camp
barrel-head ,mirror,speculum,round rice-cake offering
barrier ,connection,gateway,involve,concerning
bartending ,serving sake,the host,draw (water),ladle,scoop,pump
base(ball) ,bases,fort,rampart,walls
base ,bottom,sole,depth,bottom price,kind,sort
base ,lowly,vile,vulgar
based on ,foothold,follow,therefore
based on ,rule,follow,model after
bases ,fort,rampart,walls,base(ball)
bashful ,illuminate,shine,compare
basin ,lantern festival,tray
bask in ,bathe,be favored with
basket ,devote onself,seclude oneself,cage,coop,implied
bastard ,commoner,all
bath ,hot water,hot spring
bathe ,be favored with,bask in
battle array ,camp,ranks,position
battle ,army,force,troops,war
battle ,war,match
bay ,creek,inlet
bay ,creek,inlet,gulf,beach,seacoast
bay ,gulf,inlet
be absorbed in ,congeal,freeze,stiff
be aggravated ,grow worse,grow bulky,swell
be amazed ,disgusted,shocked
be angry
be anxious ,distress,grieve,lament
be anxious ,melancholy,grieve,lament,sad,unhappy
be apprehensive ,fear,majestic,graciously
be arbitrary ,nativity,be born,declension,lie
be associated with ,cause,factor,depend on,be limited to
be at ease ,tolerant,leniency,generosity,relax,feel at home,broadminded
be at peace ,reign,calm down,subdue,quell,govt,cure,heal,rule,conserve
be attached to ,mud,mire,adhere to
be aware of ,suppose,believe,feel
be bent ,slope,capture
be blinded ,darkness,disappear,shade,informal,grow dark
be born ,nativity,declension,lie,be arbitrary
be bright ,stinking,ill-smelling,suspicious looking,odor,savor,fragrance,be fragrant,stink,glow
be broken ,break,destroy,censure,be chipped,be scratched,be ruined
be bustling ,flourish,prosperity
be careful ,humility,discrete,prudent
be charmed ,melt,captivated
be charmed ,melt,captivated
be charmed ,melt,captivated
be chipped ,break,destroy,censure,be scratched,be broken,be ruined
be clear ,lucidity,clear,clarify,settle,strain,look grave
be clear ,serene,cold,skilful
be complete ,uniform,all present
be conducive to ,assets,resources,capital,funds,data,contribute to
be confused ,disconcerted,lose one's head
be content ,sweet,coax,pamper,sugary
be countrified ,lowly,the country,the countryside
be crowned with ,live under (a ruler),receive
be defeated ,nonplussed,three,going,coming,visiting,visit,die,be madly in love
be defective ,eclipse,occultation
be delayed ,stagnate,overdue,arrears
be depressed ,sink,be submerged,subside,aloes
be diligent ,encourage,inspire
be disillusioned ,awake,sober up
be distressed ,difficult
be exposed (film) ,incur,cover,veil,brood over,shelter,wear,put on,receiving
be favored with ,bathe,bask in
be filled up ,bury,embedded
be flurried ,wolf
be fragrant ,stinking,ill-smelling,suspicious looking,odor,savor,fragrance,stink,glow,be bright
be frank ,handle,deal with,dispose of,sell,be in demand,be worldly,be sensible,be sociable,drainage,sale,demand for
be frightened ,dreadful,fearful
be happy ,jubilation,congratulate,rejoice
be hazy ,grow dim,blurred
be ill ,afflicted,disease,suffer from
be imminent
be imminent
be in agony ,worry
be in arrears ,collect,gather
be in demand ,handle,deal with,dispose of,sell,be worldly,be frank,be sensible,be sociable,drainage,sale,demand for
be in disorder ,confused,mix
be in high spirits ,courage,cheer up,bravery,heroism
be indignant ,aroused,resent,anger
be inferior to ,inferiority,be worse
be inferior ,transport,send
be inflamed
be informed ,aquiesce,hear,listen to,receive
be invigorated ,stirred up,flourish
be jealous ,envious,covet
be jealous ,grudge,show resentment
be left out ,undress,removing,escape from,get rid of,take off
be limited to ,cause,factor,be associated with,depend on
be luxuriant , more,planting,turbidity
be luxuriant ,overgrown,grow thick
be madly in love ,nonplussed,three,going,coming,visiting,visit,be defeated,die
be mistaken for ,distract,go astray,divert
be moderate ,slacken,loosen,relax,lessen,ease
be moderate ,withdraw,draw in,hold back,refrain from
be modest ,self-effacing,humble oneself,condescend
be not ,must not,do not
be not ,not,must not,do not
be of use ,do,change,make,benefit,welfare,reach to,try,practice,cost,serve as,good,advantage,as a result of
be offended ,angry
be perplexed ,astray,in doubt,lost,err,illusion
be photographed ,copy,describe
be pointed ,sharp,taper,displeased,angry,edgy
be pregnant ,inn,lodging,relay station,dwell,lodge,home,dwelling
be profitable ,yield profit
be proud
be proud ,boast,pride,triumphantly
be rent ,ripped,unravel,run,begin to open,smile
be resuscitated ,revived
be resuscitated ,revived
be rolled up ,roll,wind,coil,turn pages,roll up sleeves,strip off,be turned
be ruined ,break,destroy,censure,be chipped,be scratched,be broken
be ruined ,capsize,cover,shade,mantle
be ruined ,cover,shade,mantle,capsize
be sad ,grieve
be sad ,rue,sigh,lament
be satisfied ,grieve,ah
be scented ,fragrant,smoke (cigs)
be scratched ,break,destroy,censure,be chipped,be broken,be ruined
be seasoned ,wither,die,dry up
be seen dimly ,suggest,intimate,faint,stupid,hint
be sensible ,handle,deal with,dispose of,sell,be in demand,be worldly,be frank,be sociable,drainage,sale,demand for
be sharp ,cut,cutoff
be sociable ,handle,deal with,dispose of,sell,be in demand,be worldly,be frank,be sensible,drainage,sale,demand for
be sore ,inflamed,bleary,fester
be sparing of ,pity,frugal,stingy,regret
be subjected to ,ignorance,darkness,get,receive,sustain,Mongolia
be submerged ,sink,subside,be depressed,aloes
be sufficient ,leg,foot
be superior ,heal,more and more,increasingly,finally,beyond doubt
be surprised ,wonder,frightened,amazed
be suspicious ,doubt,distrust,question
be turned ,roll,wind,coil,turn pages,roll up sleeves,strip off,be rolled up
be watered ,wet,profit by,receive benefits,favor,charm,steep
be worldly ,handle,deal with,dispose of,sell,be in demand,be frank,be sensible,be sociable,drainage,sale,demand for
be worse ,inferiority,be inferior to
be(come) pregnant
be ,sit,or stand astride,extend over,straddle
beach ,bay,creek,inlet,gulf,seacoast
beach ,seacoast,seashore
beach ,seashore
beak ,bill
beam ,girder,spar,unit or column (accounting)
beam ,weir,fish trap,girder
bean jam
bean-jam dumpling ,manjuu
beans ,pea,midget
bear (a burden) ,baggage,shoulder-pole load,shoulder (a gun),load,cargo,freight
bear (children)
bear a grudge ,regret,resentment,malice,hatred
bear in mind ,include,understand,cherish
bear up ,power,strong,strain,exert
bear ,carry
bear ,defeat,negative,-,minus,owe,assume a responsibility
bear ,endure,put up with,conceal,secrete,spy,sneak
bear ,products,give birth,yield,childbirth,native,property
bear ,shouldering,carry,raise
beard (grain) ,pampas grass
beard ,mustache
beard ,mustache
bearing ,stop,linger,appearance,figure
beast ,animal
beat (music) ,clap
beat time ,play (music),accompany,banter,jeer,applaud
beat ,assault,hit,thrash
beat ,attack,defeat,conquer
beat ,drum,rouse,muster
beat ,slap,strike,hit,tell,speak
beat ,strike,hit
beat ,strike,hit,thrash,criticize
beat ,torture
beautiful woman ,princess
beautiful ,beauty
beautiful ,excellent,good,pleasing,skilled
beautiful ,figured cloth
beautiful ,flourishing,successful,vigorous
beautiful ,lost,hide,peace,mistake,in turn
beautiful ,patterned
beauty ,beautiful
beauty ,excel,excellence,surpass
because ,as it is
because ,by means of,in view of,compared with
beckon to ,command
beckon ,invite,summon,engage
become attached to ,pocket,feelings,heart,yearn,miss someone,bosom,breast
become distressed ,quandary,annoyed
become employed ,diligence,serve
become experienced ,accustomed,get used to
become furious ,fierce,rave,rush,wildness,strength
become hollow ,depression,cave in,sink
become intimate ,reconcile
become numb ,palsy,paralysed
become serious ,leather,skin,hide,pelt
become silent ,silence,stop speaking,leave as is
become ,come,due,next,cause
become ,gist,proceed to,tend
become ,proceed,get,tend
become ,turn into,get,grow,elapse,reach
becoming emaciated ,son
becoming ,resemble,counterfeit,imitate,suitable
bed ,floor,padding,tatami
bed ,lie down,sleep,rest,remain unsold
bedding ,cushion,mattress
bedding ,quilt
bee ,wasp,hornet
beetle brow ,convex,uneven
before ,ahead,previous,future,precedence
before ,in front
before ,once,formerly,ever,never,ex-
before ,once,formerly,ever,never,ex-,lick,lap up,burn up,taste,udergo,underrate,despise
beforehand ,previous,myself,I
befriend ,all,entirely,altogether,completely,use up,run out of,exhaust,serve
befriend ,exhaust,use up,run out of,serve
beg ,hope,request,pray,beseech,Greece,dilute (acid),rare,few,phenomenal
beg ,invite,ask
begin to open ,be rent,ripped,unravel,run,smile
begin ,commence
beginning ,first time
beginning ,former time,origin
beginning ,preface,order,precedence,occasion,chance,incidentally
beginning ,thong,inception,end,cord,strap
beguile ,delusion,perplexity
behave ,dispose,manage,deal with,sentence,condemn,act
behavior ,raise,plan,project,actions
behead ,dismiss
behead ,scratch,rake,comb,paddle
beheading ,kill,murder
behind ,back,later
behind ,empress,queen,after,back,later
behind ,stature,height,back,disobey,defy,go back on,rebel
being helped ,lively,resuscitation,living
belch ,spit,vomit,confess,tell (lies)
believe ,acknowledge,witness,discern,recognize,appreciate
believe ,suppose,be aware of,feel
bell ,gong,chimes
bellow ,roar,howl,growl
belly ,abdomen,stomach
belong ,genus,subordinate official,affiliated
belong ,genus,subordinate official,affiliated
below ,down,descend,give,low,inferior
belt ,sash,obi,zone,region
bend down ,bow,lie prostrate
bend down ,lie prostrate
bend down ,prostrated,bow,cover,lay (pipes)
bend over
bend over ,stoop,bow
bend ,curve,crooked,perverse,lean,forcibly,against one's will
bend ,fold,break,fracture,yield,submit
bend ,music,melody,composition,pleasure,injustice,fault,curve,crooked,perverse,lean
bend ,train,lithe
bend ,warp,strained,distort
bend ,yield,flinch,submit
benefit ,do,change,make,welfare,be of use,reach to,try,practice,cost,serve as,good,advantage,as a result of
benefit ,gain,get,find,earn,acquire,can,may,able to,profit,advantage
benefit ,gain,profit,advantage
benefit ,grace,kindness,goodness,favor,mercy,blessing
benefit ,medicine,chemical,enamel,gunpowder
benefit ,merit,efficacy,efficiency
benefit ,profit,advantage
benevolence ,humanity,virtue,charity,man,kernel
benevolence ,virtue,goodness,commanding respect
bent ,crooked
bequeath ,leave behind,reserve
beseech ,hope,beg,request,pray,Greece,dilute (acid),rare,few,phenomenal
besides ,bystander,side,while,nearby,3rd person
besides ,row,and,as well as,line up,rank with,rival,equal
besides ,surplus
besiege ,surround,store,paling,enclosure,encircle,preserve,keep
best regards ,good
best ,crown,peerless
best ,likeness,like,such as,as if,better,equal
bestow on ,salary,wage,gift,allow,grant
bestow ,participate in,give,award,impart,provide,cause,gift,godsend
bet ,gamble,wager
better ,likeness,like,such as,as if,best,equal
between ,inside,within,among,house,home
bewitch ,fascination,charm
bewitching ,attractive,calamity
beyond doubt ,be superior,heal,more and more,increasingly,finally
beyond ,discontinue,sever,cut off,abstain,interrupt,suppress
beyond ,yonder,facing,confront,defy,tend toward,approach
bias ,lean,incline,tilt,trend,wane,sink,ruin
bias ,prejudice,rural area
biased ,partial,side,left-side radical,inclining
bid ,emulate,compete with,sell at auction,bout,contest,race
bid ,tag,paper money,no. of bonds,placard
bier ,palanquin
big around ,plump,thick
big brother
big brother ,elder brother
Big Dipper ,10 sho (vol),sake dipper
big ,gigantic,large,great
big ,large
bill ,beak
bill ,plan,suggestion,draft,ponder,fear,proposition,idea,expectation,worry
billows ,wandering,waves
billows ,waves,Poland
bin ,box,chest,case,railway car
bind (books) ,compose,spell,write
bind ,tie,approx.
bind ,tie,contract,join,organize,do up hair,fasten
bind ,truss,arrest,tie,restrain
bird ,captive,capture
bird ,chicken
birds ,vessels,no. of ships,fish,arrows,one of a pair
birth ,life,genuine
bit (horse)
bite ,chew,gnaw
bite ,eat
bite ,uneven,disagree
biting words ,thorn,splinter,spine,briers
bitter orange
bitter ,hot temper,irritable,nervous
bitter ,spicy,hot,acrid
bitterness ,acid,sour,tart
black ink ,India ink,ink stick,Mexico
black kite ,fireman,hook
black ,dark
blackened eyebrows
blade ,leaf,plane,lobe,needle,spear,no. of flat things
blade ,sabre,sword,clock hand
blade ,sword,edge
blame ,censure,reprimand
blame ,condemn,censure
blame ,guilt,sin,crime,fault,offense
blame ,packed,close,pressed,reprove,rebuke
blank ,column,handrail,space
blaze ,burn,glow
blaze ,flame
blaze ,inflammation,flame
bleach ,refine,expose,air
bleach ,refine,expose,air
bleary ,be sore,inflamed,fester
blemish ,flaw
blemish ,spot,speck,patches
blend ,mix,confuse
blessing ,favor,grace,kindness
blessing ,fortune,luck,wealth
blessing ,grace,kindness,goodness,favor,mercy,benefit
blessing ,happiness,fortune
blind man ,blind,ignoramus
blind person
blind ,blind man,ignoramus
blink ,wink,twinkle
blister ,smallpox
block ,close,shut,cover,obstruct
block ,village,town,street
bloody ,vermilion,cinnabar,scarlet,red
bloom ,blossom
blossom ,bloom
blow out ,extinguish,turn off,neutralize,cancel
blow ,breathe,puff,emit,smoke
blue ,green
blue ,green
blue ,pale
bluff ,cliff,precipice
blunt ,dull,slow,foolish
blurred ,be hazy,grow dim
board ,bribe,supply,finance
board ,bureau,office,affair,conclusion,court lady,lady-in-waiting,her apartment
board ,load (a vehicle),ride
board ,plank,plate,stage
board ,ride,power,multiplication,record,no. of vehicles,mount,join
board ,tray,shallow bowl,platter,tub,phonograph record
boast ,be proud,pride,triumphantly
boastfully usurp
boat ,ship
boat ,ship
body cavity
body ,bone,corpse
body ,corpse,tree with rotten core
body ,self
body ,skin,grain,texture,disposition
body ,substance,object,reality,counter for images
body ,texture,skin,grain
bog ,marsh,lake,swamp,pond
boil ,broil,parch,roast
boil ,burn,kindle,build a fire,cook
boil ,carbuncle
boil ,cook
boil ,cook
boil ,ferment,seethe,uproar,breed
boil ,flow
boil ,seethe
boil ,seethe,ferment,uproar,breed
boil ,wound,syphilis
boiled rice ,meal
boisterous ,make noise,clamor,disturb,excite
boisterous ,noisy
boisterous ,noisy
bold ,sturdy,brawny
bolster up ,fan,flap,instigate,agitate,gulp down
bolt (door) ,scaffold,cleat,frame,jetty
bolt ,plug,cork,bung,stopper
bomb ,burst open,pop,split
bond ,loan,debt
bonds ,fetters
bonds ,shackles,irons,handcuffs
bone plectrum ,brush up,reject,exclude,eliminate
bone ,body,corpse
bone ,skeleton,remains,frame
bones ,dice
book ,present,main,true,real,no. of long things
book ,scroll,volume,part,roll up,wind up,tie,coil,counter for texts (on book scrolls)
book ,volume,chapter,editing,compilation
bookmark ,guidebook
boom resound ,roar,thunder
boom ,prosper,copulate
boon ,grant,gift,results
boorish ,urgent
boots ,footgear,shoes,put on (the feet
boots ,shoes
border ,affinity,relation,connection,edge,verge,brink
border ,boundary,region
border ,descendant
border ,edge,origin,end,point,verge,cape
border ,environs,boundary,vicinity,(kokuji)
bore ,get tired of,satiate
bore ,gouge,hollow out,pry
boron ,sound of stones struck together
borough ,urban prefecture,govt office,representative body,storehouse
borrow ,rent
borrowing ,tariff,crop tax
bosom ,breast,chest,heart,feelings
bosom ,pocket,feelings,heart,yearn,miss someone,become attached to,breast
both ,follow,though,notwithstanding,while,during,all,obey,submit to,comply,at the mercy of (the waves)
both ,old Japanese coin,no. of vehicles,two
both ,though,notwithstanding,while,during,all
both ,together,neither,all,and,alike,with
bottle ,flower pot,vial,jar,jug,vat,urn
bottom price ,bottom,sole,depth,base,kind,sort
bottom ,sole,depth,bottom price,base,kind,sort
bough ,branch,twig,limb
boulder ,rock,cliff
boulevard ,street,town
boundary ,border,region
boundary ,environs,border,vicinity,(kokuji)
bounding-box ,frame,framework,spindle,spool,(kokuji)
bountiful ,excellent,rich
bout ,emulate,compete with,bid,sell at auction,contest,race
bow (archery ,bow,violin)
bow (arrow)
bow to ,flutter,wave,obey,seduce
bow ,arc,arch
bow ,bend down,lie prostrate
bow ,bend over,stoop
bow ,bow (archery,violin)
bow ,prostrated,bend down,cover,lay (pipes)
bow ,salute,ceremony,thanks,remuneration
bowels ,entrails,viscera
bowels ,intestines,guts,viscera
bowels ,viscera
bowl of food ,bowl
bowl ,bowl of food
bowl ,rice tub,pot,crown
bowstring ,chord,hypotenuse
box (archaic)
box ,chest,case,bin,railway car
boy (ancient) ,lad
boy ,priest's residence,priest,your,his,or her boy
brace ,pierce,8 1/3lbs,penetrate
bracing ,refreshing,resonant,sweet,clear
brackets ,hook,barb,gaff
bract ,husk,straw wrapper,souvenir gift,bribe
braid ,association,plait,construct,assemble,unite,cooperate,grapple
braid ,compilation,knit,plait,twist,editing,completed poem,part of a book
braid ,string,cord,lace,tape,strap,ribbon
braid ,valve,petal,speech,dialect,discrimination,dispose of,distinguish
brain ,memory
branch off ,fork in road,scene,arena,theater
branch off ,separate,diverge,fork,another,extra,specially
branch ,bough,twig,limb
branch ,support,sustain
brandish ,flash
brandish ,wave,wag,swing,shake
brave heraldic beast
brave heraldic beast
bravely volunteer ,counter for guns,inksticks,palanquins,rickshaws
bravery ,courage,cheer up,be in high spirits,heroism
brawny ,sturdy,bold
brazen ,thick,heavy,rich,kind,cordial,shameless
Brazil ,chief,count,earl,uncle
bread ,provisions,food
break down ,overthrow,fall,collapse,drop
break up (land) ,clear (the land),open
break ,crush,smash,dissipate
break ,crush,sprain,discourage
break ,demolition,destroy
break ,destroy,censure,be chipped,be scratched,be broken,be ruined
break ,fold,fracture,bend,yield,submit
break ,rend,rip,tear,destroy,defeat,frustrate
break ,smash,crush,familiar,popular
break ,smash,crush,familiar,popular
break ,tear,split
breakage ,abuse,evil,vice
breast ,bosom,chest,heart,feelings
breast ,pocket,feelings,heart,yearn,miss someone,become attached to,bosom
breasts ,milk
breath ,respiration,son,interest (on money)
breathe hard ,pant,gasp
breathe ,blow,puff,emit,smoke
breed ,boil,ferment,seethe,uproar
breed ,care for,shepherd,feed,pasture
breed ,seethe,boil,ferment,uproar
brevity ,short,fault,defect,weak point
brevity ,simplicity
brew ,cause
brewing ,fermentation
briar ,thorn
bribe ,board,supply,finance
bribe ,grip,hold,mould sushi
bribe ,husk,bract,straw wrapper,souvenir gift
bride ,lady,woman,wife
bride ,marry into
bridegroom ,son-in-law
brier ,thorn,whip
briers ,thorn,splinter,spine,biting words
bright and early ,long ago,early in life
bright ,light
bright ,melodious,clear,serene,cheerful
bright ,prosperous,clear
bright ,shining
brilliant ,fresh,vivid,clear,Korea
bring about ,bring,take
bring along ,portable,carry (in hand),armed with
bring near ,draw near,stop in,gather,collect,send,forward
bring up ,foster,rear,develop,nurture
bring up ,grow up,raise,rear
bring with ,consort,accompany,companion
bring ,take,bring about
brink ,affinity,relation,connection,edge,border,verge
brink ,shore,verge
brittle ,fragile,easy to beat,sentimental,susceptible
broad ,vast,wide
broad ,wide,spacious
broad ,wide,spacious
broaden ,extend,expand,enlarge
broadminded ,tolerant,leniency,generosity,relax,feel at home,be at ease
brocade ,fine dress,honors
broil ,parch,roast,boil
broil ,parch,roast,fry
brood over ,incur,cover,veil,shelter,wear,put on,be exposed (film),receiving
broth ,dairy products,whey,fruit juice
broth ,soup,juice,sap,gravy,pus
brown ,woollen kimono
bruise ,pain,hurt,damage
brunt ,collide,highway,opposition (astronomy),thrust,pierce,stab,prick
brush (teeth) ,grind,polish,scour,improve
brush up ,reject,exclude,eliminate,bone plectrum
brush ,fine hair,not at all
brush ,sweep
brush-stroke ,picture
bubbles ,foam,suds,froth
buck ,hop,leap up,spring,jerk,prance,splash,sputter,snap
bucket ,tub
buckler ,shield,pretext
bud (plants ,mushrooms not yet opened)
bud ,show symptoms of,sprout,malt
bud ,sprout,spear,germ
Buddha ,the dead,France
Buddhist food ,purification,room,worship,avoid,alike
Buddhist priest ,monk
Buddhist sect ,true,reality
Buddhist temple
Buddhist ,Sanskrit,purity
bug ,insect,temper
build a fire ,burn,kindle,boil,cook
build ,design,pattern,nature,handle,crank,grip,knob,shaft
build ,fabricate,construct
build ,make,production,prepare
build ,occupation,camp,perform,conduct (business)
build ,posture,pretend
building ,mansion,large building,palace
bulge ,dilate,distend,fill out,swell
bull's eye ,mark,target,object,adjective ending
bullet ,twang,flip,snap
bullrush ,flag,cattail
bullrush ,reed
bunch ,grasp,faggot,counter for bundles
bunch ,tassel,tuft,fringe,lock (hair),segment (orange),house,room
bundle ,sheaf,ream,tie in bundles,govern,manage,control
bung ,plug,bolt,cork,stopper
bungling ,clumsy,unskillful
bunting ,curtain,act of play
burdensome ,pack horse,horse load,send by horse
bureau ,board,office,affair,conclusion,court lady,lady-in-waiting,her apartment
bureau ,section,dept,class,copy,part,portion,counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine
bureaucrat ,the government
burglar ,rebel,traitor,robber
Burma ,fine thread
burn up ,lick,lap up,taste,undergo,underrate,despise
burn up ,once,before,formerly,ever,never,ex-,lick,lap up,taste,udergo,underrate,despise
burn ,blaze,glow
burn ,char,hurry,impatient,irritate,scorch,singe
burn ,kindle,build a fire,boil,cook
burning ,bake
burr ,ball
burst open ,bomb,pop,split
bury ,be filled up,embedded
bury ,interment,shelve
bush clover
business ,matter,thing,fact,reason,possibly
business ,price,selling
business ,utilize,service,use,employ
business ,vocation,arts,performance
bustle ,run
busy ,occupied,restless
but ,however
butcher ,kill,murder,slice off,split,diminish,reduce,spoil
butcher ,slaughter,slay
butt ,buttocks,hips,rear
butt ,buttocks,hips,rear
buttocks ,hips,butt,rear
buttocks ,hips,butt,rear
buy ,seduce,call,send for,wear,put on,ride in,eat,drink,catch (cold)
buy ,subscription
buzzer ,small bell
by all means ,ought,necessarily
by means of ,because,in view of,compared with
bystander ,side,besides,while,nearby,3rd person
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